Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Ideas about being part of a larger writing community"

Well, first off my idea of being a part of a larger writing community simply put, it's scary.

I am not unaccustomed to blogging, it is just that blogging here is so much more open and out there.

Then there are the questions; what do I want to share? What am I willing to share? Does anyone care to read my drivel? lol... Will I possibly offend someone? How much is to much? And the questions just keep on going.

But on the up side, I do see it as a new way to be creative with practice over time. It is also a great way for me, and my fellow students to learn to interact with a writing community as a whole through feedback and support.

Now to mix it up a bit. No, California has not floated away. Yet! Loving the rain, but for my tiny lil house. A 60LB Pitbul mix getting playful inside with me is not fun. I don't like walls. I taught the beast (Sheba) not to bite on command, but that doesn't exclude body slamming. hehe... I must get a bigger home if it rains like this next winter. : )

May you all have a day full of sunshine, as it is in you even on cloudy days.


Joyful said...

Those are all great questions to ponder as you embark on your blogging adventure. I too struggle with those same issues as I mull over concerns about security, safety etc. For now, I feel I have found a good balance and it is awesome to meet new people on line who share similar interests. I do hope the rain stops where you are and that you dry out soon :-)

Joyful said...

P.s. I forgot to mention, I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Please come by and join in and invite your classmates too. The more the merrier, he he.

~♥~ Sveettalk ~♥~ said...

Joyful, you are wonderful. I will check it out, and blog it so my classmates may check it out as well.

Subrina said...

I absolutely agree with you. It is just frightening as to how much personal information of a person can be found on the internet. Recently I was searching for an apt on craigslist and then I found one I thought I liked and emailed the person. Long story short, the location for this place was not what I wanted however, the landlord is a male and he kept on trying to convince me and then I received and email from him asking me out for coffee. I declined and later found out from one of his emails that he had googled me and found information about me that caught his attention. I thought that this was rather scary and of course blogged his emails. Yup, I understand how you feel but again, you can choose what information you would like to have online.