Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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~ Plagiarism ~

One should in all honesty have no problem citing their sources when they use them. Ethics in the world of academia is the big issue I feel that determines whether one cites, or not. If the ideas are your own, not citing is fine for such things a personal poetry and so forth. Nevertheless, for writing that requires research, the writer should always give credit, where credit is due. Any good writer should not fear citing. If one does their research and writing well, there should be room to share the glory with the person or persons that was your inspiration for the words you wrote.

I do not think I would be overly happy if someone used my writings as his or her own. I tend to work hard, and put way more thought into my writing than I probably should. However, I would feel slighted if credit at some point was not given for all my hard work. I love to write, and to steal my passion is just wrong. I love to write, and to steal my passion is just wrong. How hard is it to just say look, and share the work of others by citing the source. Citing does not mean one is stupid or incompetent; it shows respect to the writings creator. That is how I view citing. I have seen others use writing that is not their own, taking full credit as if it were. I have been gentle in my approach to try and educate others on the term of plagiarism when and where I see it. If they do not correct it, I no longer deal with them. If I were ever, to see it in a school situation, have no doubt, I would report it. It's that simple, as again, it all comes back down to the ethics of the world of academia. LOL... Now I did not go and re-read the study book, (it has been two or more terms sense I viewed that section) therefore, if I am saying anything similar to the book please feel free to let me know. Although, I will cite my reference in the end, for as stated, I had to learn it all somewhere. : )

I feel the internet can cause problems when it comes to the legal issue of plagiarism. Again, how hard is it to give credit where credit is due? In the end, it all boils down to one's own personal ethics in writing. To use the work of another without citing, no matter where one obtains the information, just shows a lack of creativity, self esteem, and disrespect.

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