Thursday, February 18, 2010

“Peer Reviews”

Peer reviews are a good thing in my eyes, as they enable us as writers to grow. Be it in the direction we are going, or by enabling us to look at our writing, and find better paths allowing one to become a stronger, more creative writer. I have had a few peer reviews. I have not had a bad one yet. Although I would not mind a bit more constructive criticism, as I know my writing is more often than not just rough drafts because my brain wants to move onto the next thing begging to be written.

ROFLOL… The ‘”Ah Ha’” moments, who hasn’t had one? I know I have. They are great, for as a writer that means you do not stop thinking, even when you think you are done writing. These moments can also be very humbling.

I have found nothing shocking in doing research for my writings. This would insinuate, I was only looking for what I wanted to find, without being open minded to the fact that I do not know it all, and I could be wrong. Although intriguing yes, just the process of research along is amazingly intriguing. When one thinks about it, the world has changed so much over the years, allowing one to find, and gather information that just might not have been obtainable before the great World Wide Web. This intrigues me and just makes me hungry for more information.