Saturday, February 13, 2010

Unit 6 for College Comp II...

Wow this week has been a challenge to get things done. Almost have my rough draft done to my satisfaction. Although, I still have more I wish to do with it. I am just grateful that A & P II is going to be easy for me this week. We are studying the Urinary System, and it is also my final project topic for A & P II. *sigh of relief*

One other point on my side is I did my outline for this weeks A & P project last week. All I need to do is put it to word and submit it. *another sigh of relief*

This truly has been one of my toughest weeks sense I started school 4 terms ago. I so need a break or some fun, lol... Anyone else? I have officially decided tomorrow will be the first time in a long time that I refuse to set an alarm and get up before I wake up on my own. Then I think my Valentin present to myself will be going to the park and just relax with a book, any book, that is not school related.


Ребекка said...

This has been a rough week for me as well. I turned my paper in, and then noticed that there was a mistake on the title page, so I wrote the Professor and resubmitted it the in practically the same hour. Then, I noticed that I had submitted under unit 6 seminar. I am about ready to give up! My final for APII is the urinary system as well! That is so funny! Anyway, I am with you. This has been a difficult week. Talk with you soon.

Ребекка said...

I also wanted to tell you that I have been getting your comments. Thanks.

~♥~ Sveettalk ~♥~ said...

I am glad you have been getting the comments. I don't get to, get to everyone. Although, I didn't want you to feel slighted, as I do post to so many of the other students. Getting feedback, and or a hello to ones work feels good.

That is to funny that we are both doing the same term paper topic for A & P II. I so have to start writing that paper this week. Or I will fall behind. But what ever you do, never give up.